Ass Fucking on the Brain!

I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about getting fucked in the ass. Which is really interesting since I never thought I’d ever do it. You see, my husband tried to get me to ass fuck for years and he actually gave up thinking it would never happen. He just plain wrote it off. Then one summer party night we were in the pool and I just shouted out … “want to fuck my ass?” I’ll never forget the look on his face. He didn’t know if I was serious, then when he figured out I was he was like a pinball machine … not sure where to walk first — bouncing back and forth – he finally made it to the house to get some lube.

Wow! It was so fucking amazing. He carefully slide his big cock head in, then I slowly moved – taking it at my own pace. When I was feeling comfortable I started to move more aggressively. Next thing you know he was pounding my ass like a mad man. I’m not sure if the neighbors heard us (if you’ve heard me have sex you know what I mean) but we ass fucked for hours. In the pool and then in the house – till all hours of the morning. And the rest is history, I can’t get enough … I’m an anal whore. Just thinking of it makes my brain hot. So excuse me while I go find my husband and have him fuck my tight little ass.

Anal cream pie anyone?



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