Alexis Golden

I am a real life Swinger/MILF/Cougar and part time Porn Chick.

Site Member Bukkake with Ashlee Chambers

I LOVE to meet my Fans from My Website, OnlyFans, ManyVids and Webcam. As you know from reading This Blog, I often I meet with 1 or 2 guys and make their fantasy cum true with Anonymous Cocksucking Video. Many times I’ll just Blow someone without a camera at all. I call it “Eat and […]

I’ve known Housewife Kelly for over 15 years.  We met in a hotel at a sex party during a porn convention.  She and her sexy ass hubby Shawn came up to our suite to party with us and Hall of Fame Swingers Anna and Bruce.  Plus other swingers that did not have websites etc.  Kelly […]

Roommate Hijinks- Cock sharing with Sara Jay

You are never quite sure what’s going to happen when you share a room with the naughty Sara Jay. It’s not that I’m shy at all, but you have to be ready for just about anything. Needless to say, it’s very, VERY exciting to be her roommate.  We’ve been roomies in Vegas often, Atlantic City […]

Janet Mason and Alexis- Interracial Orgy

This is an EPIC EVENT! When Janet Mason and I get together the earth shakes and rumbles! Last time we did this I introduced Janet to Richard Mann and that became the legendary “Mann Meat” title. Well this time we did it one better. I invited Richard back of course and we added another lucky […]

The DC Anal Gangbang DP

The Summer of Gangbangs and Orgies continues with my new update, “The DC Anal Gangbang and DP Party”.  This will come in 2 segments.  The first is up on Friday, June 12 and is POV from a camera held by one of the guys in the Gangbang.  It’s up close and personal.  The second segment […]

UK Gangbang with Emma Starr- The Queen of Gangbangs

On my bucket list was the chance to meet Emma Starr and do a Gangbang with her. She is far and away the QUEEN of Gangbangs. No one has done more or done them better than Emma. She’s also the Sexy Teacher Queen. I found out we’d both be in the UK at the same […]

FLP Anal Gang Bang Orgy with Super Slut Maxine X

I posted a long awaited FLP video on my site. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what FLP means then it’s “Fuck it Like a Pussy” that I say when guys aren’t fucking my ass hard enough. I had never met anyone who loves Anal as much as I do. […]

I am announcing the relaunch of my personal website. As one of my “Special List” people, I have “Special News” and a Special Price just for YOU! What’s new you ask? Well, my new update live on Friday at Noon is a Monster one. It’s 1 hour and 10 minutes so you’ll need to get […]

I will make cookies, but you have to bring me.....

These photos are from me making cookies in my real life kitchen, pearls and all. My husband wanted some cookies. So I told him he could get some cookies if he brought over a Big, Black Cock for me to fuck. We had a deal! After I made the cookie batter I got my Black […]

Anonymous Cocksucking- Are you Next?

Many of my fans have asked me exactly what happens during my famous Anonymous Cocksucking meetings. Well here is a description with a photo and there is a video update live now that shows you exactly what happens. As you know I prowl the Swinger Sites for cocks of all sizes and colors to suck […]

I do not Swallow- I EAT the Cum!

A bit of a lesson for all you people wondering my position on the age old question of swallowing. I want to go into great detail in this update about one of my favorite subjects. Cum. I know there are a lot of misconceptions about whether women really like to have it, swallow it, drip […]