Fantasy Foursome- Chocolate Covered Alexis

I am announcing the relaunch of my personal website. As one of my “Special List” people, I have “Special News” and a Special Price just for YOU!

What’s new you ask?

Well, my new update live on Friday at Noon is a Monster one. It’s 1 hour and 10 minutes so you’ll need to get popcorn, tissues and lube. Since you are likely in some sort of quarantine I’m sure you can find the time! The new update features me living out one of my life long fantasies, a Foursome with 3 black people. Joining me in “Foursome Fantasy Fucking- Chocolate Covered Alexis” is the Amazing Imani, a beautiful black woman. Our Cocksmen are Don Prince and my #1 go-to BBC, Richard Mann. Look at the pic of Imani and me together. You know the fake pro porn scenes go 20 minutes right? Well this is 1 hour and 10 minutes of all out balls to the wall swinger sex fucking. So there’s a camera there, so what? There is no bull shit script or a plan or a set up or role play crap. We were in the house together and started fucking. There are even people on chairs watching!

Yes, they BOTH cum in our mouths and we spit swap the loads of creamy goo. I do that for fun whether there is a camera or not. I love doing that more than you love watching it!
This is only the first of some dirty, nasty, sexy Updates coming your way. Videos AND Pics. Updates will be OFTEN and REGULAR!

All new updates will be available to both Stream or Download. I’m installing a new CMS that will enable me to share my content over MULTIPLE platforms. PLUS, I literally have THOUSANDS of pics that I have never posted. Too busy getting laid. This new system will allow me to post all this content on my site for you to spank off to.

READ THIS: I’m going back to remaster ALL of my content so you catch stream it and watch it on ALL YOUR DEVICES and on ALL PLATFORMS! So if you think you’ve seen everything before, think again.

BIG NEWS- NEW WAYS TO PAY! With my new system you can sign up with your PAYPAL, American Express, Diners Card and Maestro. Of course good old VISA, Mastercard and Discover too. People have been asking me for YEARS about Paypal and AMEX. Now, you can use them!

What’s it cost? For you, follow THIS LINK to the SPECIAL LIMITED TIME sign up of $19.95.
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My site gives you:
-The best ways to get in touch with me directly. By phone, by Text, by Skype and yes, IN PERSON!
-ALL my content since 2006 will be posted and organized so you can find exactly what you want!
If, by chance you do not want to join the site and want a different experience, you can:
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