I will make cookies, but you have to bring me…..

I will make cookies, but you have to bring me.....

I will make cookies if you vote for me for the MILF Award on The Fannys. This is the final week and I’m the only REAL life MILF on the ballot. Let’s shock them all and have a REAL person win an award for the first time ever!

These photos are from me making cookies in my real life kitchen, pearls and all. My husband wanted some cookies. So I told him he could get some cookies if he brought over a Big, Black Cock for me to fuck. We had a deal!

After I made the cookie batter I got my Black Dick to put his wooden spoon in my holes. Then he filled my mouth with HIS BATTER! All if my own house, with my husband eating cookies and watching ESPN in the next room while I got my Black Cock.

Now, that’s a REAL LIFE Swinging MILF.

You can Vote for me every 24 hours until April 4. Then they will announce the winners April 20.

Thanks for al your help!