An Open Email to my Fans

An Open Email to my Fans

This is a heartfelt open email to all my Fans,

I want all of you to know just how much I appreciate your support in nominating me for The Fannys MILF award. As you know, I live my life as a real MILF. I’m not a pretend porn chick.

With the number of people receiving this email and the number of people that follow me on Twitter I truly think we can make a run at it. I think it would be so cool to be the first real MILF to win any type of adult industry award.

If you believe the same, then every day today through Saturday the 12th, I need your vote. You can vote once every 24 hours. Please vote as often as you can and help me make history!

The awards are Saturday the 12th and I’ll post on Twitter and send another email with the results. I’m up against the Titans of the professional porn world. But there’s no quit in me so let’s take a shot!

Who’s Your Mommy category – aka MILF of the Year

My sincere thanks!



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