Getting Sweaty this Summer? Get a Good Look!

Getting Sweaty this Summer?  Get a Good Look!

How is your Summer going? Well why don’t you make it something special?

Get a good look!

If you are in DC or any of the places below and want a booking drop
Nina a line and she’ll make it happen.

My Travels:

Richmond/Charlotte – July 15
DC – July 16-19
Raleigh/Charlotte/Fayettville/Wilmington – July 19
Dallas – August 6-10 available for duos with Sara Jay
Miami/Fort Lauderdale – August 28-31
NYC – September 21-25
Philly – September 25-28
Vegas – October TBA
Edison – November 12-16

I also just put up Summer Specials for my site. As low as 10 cents a day. I have some brand new exclusive material with both regular swingers and porn stars too.

Also, if you ever wonder that goes on AFTER the Porn Conventions are over check out my latest release: