The BEST Ass Fucking Position- From an Expert!

Unless you live under a rock, you know I LOVE Anal Sex. The intense feeling of a cock in my ass is something I really enjoy and crave.
Unlike most girls, I like to get my ass fucked in the missionary position. Here’s why:

1- When I get anal while on my back I can see the guys face while he fucks me. I’ll tell him to take his cock out of my pussy and stick it in my ass. Or, I’ll pull it out myself and put the head in my ass and tell him to fuck. A lot of times I’ll be the first anal experience for someone and the facial expressions he makes are priceless!

2- I can put my feet on the guys shoulders. When my feet are that high my lover can get his cock deeper in my ass. Especially when I’m with a huge cock like Flash Brown, Richard Mann, Dredd, Byron Long or Lexington Steele.

3- While getting dicked in my ass, I can rub my clit. I can have some REALLY intense, bed rattling orgasms by rubbing my clit (or using a vibrator) when getting ass fucked. Especially if the guy pulls his cock almost all the way out and the head goes in and out of my ass. I can also stick a vibe in should I so desire.

4- If there are other guys there they can more easily play with my pussy, stick things in and rub my clit.

5- Other guys can straddle my face, I can lick their balls, salad toss and provide an open mouth for their cum, especially if there are more than 2 other guys. Few things are hotter than being on my back with a guy ramming my ass, another rubbing my clit and a couple others jacking off hot loads in my mouth while I have a huge orgasm. Cum being shot in my mouth just as I cum is AWESOME! Look at the pic of the white guy fucking me in the ass (it’s his first time) and Richard Mann is jacking off over my face.

I’m working on setting up my FLP4 shoot. If you didn’t see FLP, FLPII and FLPIII you really should be ashamed. You can watch all of the FREE Trailers to my Anal Exploits HERE!

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