Kink Men in Pain Shoot- Sometimes you wanna get spanked!

Often times people ask me about my Dom experience. All of mine was private and I had yet to do it on film until I was asked to come out to San Francisco and have my first shoot with the folks at WOW, what an amazing experience. To start things off I met my director, Madeline, in the bathroom of all places. And immediately knew we were going to have a good day. What great energy she has, not to mention her captivating smile.  She is definitely someone I look up – she has mad dom skills.
My Dom skills on the other hand are way rusty (it had been almost 8 years since I’ve been in this role) and I started to get nervous. I really wanted to do a good job and I was worried about not being able to connect with my sub on the set of a movie. Those of you who know BDSM know that the physical part is secondary to the mental part. This was such a different setting for me but knew I just had to throw my jitters away and get down to business.

Being on set with Madeline and 5 Star (photographer and rope handler extraordinaire) really put me at ease. Madeline told me exactly what she was looking for so there was no guessing on my part. And 5 Start, with her easy going style and mischievous ways was just what the doctor ordered. OK, I can go on and on with the love fest, but you get the deal by now.

Daniel was my co-star and definitely a cutie. My role was that of a rich socialite who had been left home alone by her husband one too many times. What does a lonely rich socialite do when she’s alone? She orders herself up a young, green boy to take her frustrations out on. My boy shows up and I immediately order him to take his clothes off. I blindfold him, gag him and tie him up for some corporal punishment. It was an intense flogging scene.

Scene 2 was something I had never seen before. 5 Star and Madeline used pet tape to wrap up Daniel arms and legs. He looked like a quadriplegic. Then I put a chain and collar on him and walked him around like a dog. Needing to take out more of my frustrations I put my strap-on on and fucked my little doggie while spanking some barks out of him.

The last scene had Daniel fully suspended over the bed. I was able to turn him 360 degrees and flog every exposed piece of flesh until he turned pink. When he couldn’t take it any longer I lowered him on the bed, fucked him silly, and then jerked him off until he came on my feet. Then I took my feet and wiped his cum all over his face. Now that I was done with him … I kicked him the fuck out.

I’m really looking forward to shooting with Kink again. They most certainly have awaken the sleeping giant within me.

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