Surprise! Surprise!- My Black vs White Cock Cum Taste Test Continues!

Surprise!  Surprise!-  My Black vs White Cock Cum Taste Test Continues!

I did another of my “Taste Test” anonymous cocksucking events. I invited a black guy over to suck his dick. Then right after he shot his load in my mouth and I ate his cum I had a white guy in to suck his cock and eat his cum. I am the self proclaimed world’s expert on cum taste and continually do this experiment to compare the taste of cum. Sometimes there will be some cum from the first guy in my hair!

Most time when I yank down a guy’s pants I don’t know I’ll find myself a standard size cock in front of me. Occasionally I see a cock so small I am a bit taken aback. Even less often the truly unexpected happens and out jumps a long, thick piece of meat. When that happens I go “Oh, lucky me!” and stuff it in my mouth. Look what I found recently when I was doing my Taste Test.

Most times the huge cock will belong to a black guy so it’s kind of expected. But when I get a big hunk of white meat I go to town on it as well. Check out this huge hunk of white meat:

When you see the photos in the update know that I have never met these guys before and didn’t know what to expect. I used to get my hopes up too high and then am disappointed. My new policy is to expect something small then when I get the big ones it’s like Christmas!

Now, after sucking and fucking these Surprise Super-Size Cocks I await my reward of cum. I have to say if a Big Cock dribbles out a couple drops of cum I’m not very happy. This is why I tell guys that I’m about to meet so SAVE UP! I give strict instructions NOT so jerk off or fuck for at least 24 hours prior to seeing me. I expect, OK I may even DEMAND a heavy load. Creamy white is preferred. And if it’s sticky and I can make long strings of sperm even better.

If you do present me with a heavy load I’ll show you exactly what it looks like dripping from my open mouth into my hand. When my hand is full you will be allowed to watch me eat the cum from my hand nice and slowly. All the while taking pics like these for you to remember what we did. Here are pics from both black and white cocks. I can taste the difference by the way.

Now, I do the same thing with cocks that are not huge too. If I had to choose, I’d select heavy load over a huge dick. But sometimes I change my mind.
The point is, I do LOVE SURPRISES! Especially when a big, meaty dick jumps out and right in front of my face!

The best taste? Well, I have to say that I need to continue to experiment, sucking black and white cocks wherever I go. I’ll let you know if I decide what flavor I like best. Right now it’s a TIE and I love hot, creamy, thick and gooey sperm from ANY type of cock!

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