UK Gangbang with Emma Starr- The Queen of Gangbangs

UK Gangbang with Emma Starr- The Queen of Gangbangs

On my bucket list was the chance to meet Emma Starr and do a Gangbang with her. She is far and away the QUEEN of Gangbangs. No one has done more or done them better than Emma. She’s also the Sexy Teacher Queen.

I found out we’d both be in the UK at the same time. She put together a last minute event and a group of her people showed up to fuck us both. I went to her hotel room and found her to be just as hot and sexy as I imagined. Even more so actually. The guys showed up and it was definitely a treat for me to fuck on the same bed as Emma. She did let me have the last cum load of the evening shot directly in my mouth.

I can’t wait to meet her again and have her put together one of her legendary HUGE Gangbangs. I’m thinking that 50 cocks would be the right number. If each guy cums twice that is 100 loads of sperm for us to spare. Keep your fingers crossed this happens. I can’t wait to have a huge line of cocks waiting to fuck us both as we lay on the same bed again!

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