The DC Anal Gangbang DP

The DC Anal Gangbang DP

The Summer of Gangbangs and Orgies continues with my new update, “The DC Anal Gangbang and DP Party”.  This will come in 2 segments.  The first is up on Friday, June 12 and is POV from a camera held by one of the guys in the Gangbang.  It’s up close and personal.  The second segment is an HOUR LONG and will be out June 19.

All of the guys are either Swinger Site members, My Website members or My OnlyFans members.

I was anxious to get started so the first guy that arrived I treated to a nice blowjob.  I wanted him to fuck me but unfortunately he shot his load in my mouth in 2 minutes, so I had to make due with eating his spudge.

The next group of guys all arrived at once and I spent the next hour fucking and sucking these dudes.  I got drilled in my pink married pussy, my butthole and of course face fucked.  In addition to offering my asshole to everyone who walked in we did Double Penetration and Air Tight as well.

I’m such a slut I could have used AT LEAST 10-15 more guys.  I want many dicks and many cum shots in ALL MY HOLES!  Maybe you’ll be invited to the next one.

You can see the videos on My Site.  You can see Pics on My OnlyFans.

Site Members and OnlyFans Members will get info on my next Member Event.

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