Twitter Follower Hijinks- TRUE STORY!

Twitter Follower Hijinks- TRUE STORY!

You know I love to meet my fans. I also love to suck my fans cocks and if they are lucky, have them fuck me. Well this one lucky Twitter Follower hit the Trifecta. We chatted on Twitter and I definitely loved the look of his cock. Since I was already hot and bothered I invited him over. I had him film with his phone as I sucked his dick and stripped for him. When I told him to fuck me he dropped his phone and you’ll “HEAR” all of what went on. Super hot!

For a finale, he filmed me sucking his dick until he shot a heavy, creamy hot load, just like I love them to be. I showed him his load before I ate it.

So, it is to your advantage to follow me on Twitter. Who knows, you could be next. Bring some friends, we’ll make it a party!

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