Stunning UK Sexpot Victoria Summers- Our Day Waiting

Stunning UK Sexpot Victoria Summers- Our Day Waiting

OK here is the long story about this (and other Victoria Summer) clip and what happened that day. My hubby and I visited the UK and met with Victoria and her man Luke to play and shoot. They are active swingers as well so in addition to shooting we were going to just fuck.

Victoria is NOT a pretty girl. She is not cute. She is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. The kind of woman you flat out jaw drop and turn around to see. In addition to being a knockout, she’s NICE, fun and really smart. The total package. I’m also over TWICE her age, so getting naked with her is a treat.

Anyway, Luke and Victoria had stayed in our condo overnight and brought a male friend. The four of us fucked all night and partied while my hubby Ty slept. Next day, the Luke and the friend left us with Ty and we were still kind of wired up, if you get my meaning. We were expecting 2 BBC guys that night to shoot with so Victoria and I were excited about getting some BIG Black Cock and were still wet and soaking! We didn’t want to do a random Booty Call and bring in some cocks as we didn’t want to put on make up or get dressed so we had to abuse Ty all day. He used to be up for it back in the day but not so much now. He’s seen so much pussy and fucking and cum shots, etc. that nothing much fazes him right now. Younger Ty could would cum 3-4 times at each event. But now I could be fucking 5 Black Guys and he’ll be watching the game on TV in the other room!

He did his best to try to take care of business and calm us down. Unfortunately, while ass fucking Victoria, a 20 something UK Hottie, he shot his load early in her sexy butthole. She was not very happy about it because she wanted to keep fucking. She turned around and sat on Ty’s face and rubbed her just fucked ass on his face as I laughed. Then, we “made” Ty lay down in the bathtub and we both peed on him. (He loves it)

Later as we were playing with each other I put my hand all the way in her cunt and she put hers in my ass. So that was the typical day with a couple of horny, fucked up chicks.
This vid starts AFTER we took a nap and got dressed up. The BBC guys were late. (Not a surprise) and we had to play together. I love Victoria’s body. I love everything about her. We go down on each other and REALLY cum. They I use the toy on her perfect pussy and get her off again as well.

We got sweaty so the final part of the vid is us soaping each other up in the shower. Do you want to watch 2 hot chicks with Big Titties soap each other up in the shower?
This might be my favorite Girl Girl vid. Considering all the fucking we did before and after this clip I think you can understand why it’s special.



I can’t wait to get back to the UK to get my hands on Victoria again. Or better yet, I can line up a house full of BBC in Miami to fuck us both in all our holes for a weekend. I’m imaging at least 5 loads of cum in both our asses in a row, filling our dirty holes with spudge. Now just how many guys would I have to get?

Any volunteers?

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