Janet Mason and Alexis- Interracial Orgy

Janet Mason and Alexis- Interracial Orgy

This is an EPIC EVENT!

When Janet Mason and I get together the earth shakes and rumbles!

Last time we did this I introduced Janet to Richard Mann and that became the legendary “Mann Meat” title.

Well this time we did it one better. I invited Richard back of course and we added another lucky black guy, Jonathan Jordan.

Feast your eyes on the MILF Royalty before you as Janet and I are on the same bed, taking on both guys. You will NOT want to miss these updates.  BOTH Versions are now remastered to an Amazing 1920×1080 HD to both stream and download.

Watch as both Janet and I fuck so hard it takes great balance to keep from getting fucked off the bed!

The cum shots are CLASSIC!  The first one has Janet riding on top of Richard’s massive dick while Jonathan lays on his back as I give him the Alexis Golden Blowjob.  He shoots his creamy load in my mouth and of course I show it to the camera.  Then I get up and spit his sperm in Janet’s mouth.  She’s multi tasking having Richard’s dick in her cunt and also swapping the cum with me!

Richard’s cum shot is also a CLASSIC.  Janet and I both suck his cock and he shoots his load for us to both share again.  We spit it in each other’s mouth, back and forth, until the spudge treat is gone.  We giggle together and say good bye to the camera.

I think we’d need to get WAY more guys together for a huge Gangbang and Bukakke for Janet and me to take on.  So say your prayers that we can get together for the Ultimate MILF Gangbang Orgy Event!

Where is this masterpiece?  You can watch both versions, Cam 1 by Steve and Cam 2 by Ty on My Site.

Or, if you want to watch but not join the site your can get both versions on ManyVids and also on Loyal Fans.

Get your tissues. Take tomorrow off.