California Here I Come…..

California Here I Come.....

California Here I Come…..

1- I’m heading to San Francisco for an unexpected family event. The good news is I’m staying in SF a few days extra for FUN and GAMES! I don’t get out to CA much so take advantage of me being there. My play time in SF is Saturday, October 24 through Monday night October 26. Email Nina and she’ll make it happen.

2- Now for your LA people who have been clamoring for me to visit, the EXTRA GOOD NEWS is that I’ve decided to take the short flight from San Fran down to Los Angeles for a few days. Are you Bar Talk or for real? I will be in LA Tuesday, October 26 through Wednesday night October 27. That’s a short time so “You Snooze, You Lose.” Email Nina to make your LA dreams come true.

3- I can’t go to San Fran and not get me some Richard Mann. So stay tuned for that site update and see if he gets Balls Deep Anal with me! Use your Special Newsletter Discount.

4- If you want to see what kind of things Richard and I do, you can see them here without joining the site. Watch Mann Meat Returns!