I’ve been on break since the end of 2014.  Now that winter is just about over I’m ready to roll with 2015. I can’t wait to get out and visit some of my favorite places. I’m sure I’ll be adding more cities and dates as the year progresses but here’s what my schedule looks like so far..  For all booking info:  BookAlexisGolden@gmail.com

See you soon!





Baton Rouge – March 19

NYC – March 20-27

DC – March 27-29

Richmond/Raleigh/Charlotte/Fayetteville – March 31

Charleston – April 10-18

Hilton Head – April 19

Tampa/Orlando – April 20-27

Hilton Head – April 28

Philly – May 11-12

DC – May 13-15

Chicago – June 11-15

Vegas – July 27-August 3

Edison – November 12-16


Check out my Online Store

March 2nd, 2015

Check out my store I created it from scratch. Yes, I’m a techie. I love to program :)

Tons of goodies:

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Now you all know I’m a Size Queen and I am also a Cum Lover. There is nothing so disappointing as having a guy with a 12” dick put out a dribble of cum. Believe me, I’ve had that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I love a guy with a foot long fat cock slamming into my ass and pussy and choking me while face fucking. But I love loads and load of creamy sperm too. That’s how this event came about, my ongoing fascination with Cum.

On the Swinger Sites where I get most of my guys to fuck there are literally thousands of guys who make claims of cock size and cum ability, but fall short in both categories. So recently I decided to go in a different direction than normal and seek out a bunch of “regular” guys who had great validations online and most importantly, could prove they could dump multiple loads of the type of cum I like to have.

I contacted 8 guys who claimed to be able to do the deed to my liking and arranged to Skype with each or have them meet me on one of my Webshows. During our chat they had to show me they could come at least twice in 15 minutes. I don’t mean dribbles, I mean LOADS.

Now, a bit of a lesson on Cum Quality that is a reminder on what I like. I do NOT like thin, watery cum. I do NOT like small dribbles. I want Cum that is Thick and very Creamy so I can play with it and feel it’s thickness. Basically Gobs of Sperm that I can see. Watery cum is no fun and you can’t really see the sperm in it. Thick and Creamy cum feels awesome in my mouth and I can swish it around, spit it out in my hand, eat it again and swallow it after I’ve played with it as much as I want.

I want cum that is tasty as well. Eat your strawberries and celery. Guys who I’ve met know I love to play with the load and EAT the cum. Some girls will fake it and swallow as fast as they can to get it over with.

Not me people, I savor the taste.

If your Cum is thick, creamy, gobs of sperm I will EAT every last fucking drop of it. I often take a load from my ass or pussy and feed it to myself so I can make sure I get to taste what a guy’s sperm is like. If a guy shoots his load in a condom I will have him take the condom off his cock and I’ll open my mouth and sit back and have him feed it to me. There is no better taste than a full load of cum. My pussy is soaking wet right now thinking about eating load after load of men’s cum.

Is my Cum Lesson clear enough?

Now back to my search. After chatting with these dudes I narrowed the list down to 3 guys who were VERY impressive in the cum department but I a bit short in the size department. In fact they all had about 4 inch cocks. No kidding. But, I wanted to do something different and I have fucked every Monster Cock I could get my hands on so why not give these Cum Masters a crack at my cracks.
I had them get their tests because I wanted to take full advantage of their abilities. We then arranged a meeting for me to take them on. I met them together in a lounge in the lobby of my hotel. They had met and introduced themselves to one another. Obviously they knew who I was when I walked in and they were all quite attentive to my needs during our get acquainted session. After about 15 minutes of small talk my pussy was soaked and I had enough talking and wanted some dick, so back up to my room we went.

While in the elevator I kissed the Guy #1 and felt his package as the other 2 guys felt me up from behind and squeezed my ass and breasts. We made our way down the hall and into the room and clothes started to fly off. Before I knew it all three guys were completely naked with rock hard cocks sticking straight up. I squatted down and they surrounded me and started taking turns face fucking me, grabbing my head and pumping their pricks into my face. This circle suck went on for about 10 minutes and I could tell they were all getting ready to bust as they started taking shorter turns in my mouth. Then as if it was synchronized they started to unload. The guy in my mouth shot a huge stream to the back of my throat just as the other two on either side of my face shot their loads on my face, in my mouth and on the dick of the guy in the middle. They shot and shot and shot and their sperm was covering my face. When the onslaught subsided I realized I had squirted all over the floor myself and the carpet as soaked with my juice as well.

Now the fun part.

Each guy took turns standing in front of me and squeezed the last drop of their sperm from their cocks. Plus, scooping up the mixed loads of white, creamy gobs of spudge and feeding it into my mouth for me to savor, taste and eat.

After they had fed me the mixed cum they started scooping up and stray sperm from my tits, bedding, carpet and elsewhere to feed to me. I can honestly say I have never eaten so much fine, thick, gobs of tasty cum as that circle suck that night.

I went to clean up and fix myself, put on a pair of black stockings and garters and returned to the room to find 3 rock hard cocks sticking straight up in the air again for me. Hot Damn! They pushed me on the bed and one climbed up and stuck his prick in my mouth while a second squeezed my boobs together and sucked and bit my nipples. The third buried his face in my soaking pussy and licked and bit my clit as I squirmed. They rotated positions for awhile and then one stuck his hard dick in my pussy and started pounding. Him fucking me with his 4” dick was making me so fucking hot and wet I couldn’t take it and squirted and came again all over him. They rotated in and out solo in the mish position and I had orgasms with all three.

When the third was done fucking me and after I came he shot his load in my well fucked pussy. He immediately pulled out and went over to get a plate and I squeezed his load out of my pussy onto the plate. The second and third guys immediately fucked me and quickly repeated the process. After all three were done I had a plate FULL of my favorite potion. Creamy gobs of white, thick, hot cum. They put the plate down on the bed and I slowly, ever so slowly, lapped up the plate of goodness. I would eat a little, spit some back out, then eat a little more. I took my time and enjoyed every bit of their gift. After quite some time, the plate was clean and dry, with not a sperm cell to be found.

I thought they were done after this so I showered, cleaned up and only put on a robe to come out. Well they weren’t done. I walked into the same thing I saw 2 hours before. Three 4” Rock Hard Cocks sticking straight up, ready for action. I took off my robe and was bent over the chair in the living room area with my ass facing the room. The first guy stepped up and I knew what was coming. I love Cum for sure but I also love to get Dicks in my ass. I reached around with both hands and opened my cheeks to expose and open my asshole for his cock. He put the head in and as soon as I felt that I backed up all the way on his hard prick. I am a dirty talker when I’m getting fucked and I told him exactly what I wanted. To be fucked as hard as possible in my ass. He grabbed my hips and slammed his 4” cock as hard as he could until he was covered in sweat. He tagged out and guy #2 stuck his prick in my butt hole balls deep as well. He had a little bigger cock head than the other two and I really like it when a guy fucks my ass and pulls the cock head out and the slams it all the way back in. Guy # 3 stepped up and did his best as well. This rotation went on for at least 30 solid minutes. The often pulled their cocks out and held open my gaping ass. The other would stick fingers in my butt and my toys too.

The chair gave way to the floor and my stomach being propped up by pillows. They rolled me over and put my feet on their shoulders and nailed my brown hole while I was on my back. This is when I started squirting again as they were sticking their fingers in my pussy and rubbing my clit. I can’t tell you how many times I squirted and came.

After a short break we moved to the bed I was on riding on top of one guy cowgirl in short order. In front of me one guy straddled the headboard and stuffed my open mouth. I then felt the 3rd come up and stick his prick in my well fucked asshole. I was not getting triple penetrated and loving it. I was getting 12 inches shoved in my 3 different holes, 4” at a time!

They all started talking about how they all wanted to cum in me at the same time. These guys were awesome and just as if on cue the guy in my mouth started shooting and the other two started grunting and emptying their balls in my pussy and ass at the very same time. I kept the load of the guy in my mouth to taste and it was amazingly enough a full one. After swishing it in my mouth for a time I ate his gobs of sperm.

The guy in my ass pulled out and went for the plate again and told me to stay put. He returned and stuck the plate under my ass as the guy in my pussy began to slide out from under me. He ended up with his cock at my face and his prick was covered in his cum, my cum and the cum from my ass. Well I was there to eat cum and I certainly wasn’t going to pass this mix up so I started to slowly lick his balls, went down to lick his ass, stuck my finger in for a bit and then licked the length of his cock and cleaned up all the tasty treat we had created.

While I was doing this the guy who was in my ass had been collected the sperm dripping from both my ass and pussy on the plate. After I had cleaned up the guy who fucked my pussy I was presented with the plate full of cum that had been dripping from both my holes. Damn these guys cum a LOT! The plate was full of sperm… AGAIN! The one guy had brought a spoon and he started to feed me the goo off of the plate. I savored it, spit it out, ate it again and continued to do that until all was gone.

I cleaned up again and knew for sure this was it. I kind of cracked the door open to see what awaited me and they were getting dressed. So I came out and made like I was disappointed. Well, be careful what you wish for as soon thereafter we were in a repeat of the first segment a circle suck. Only thing is they were all fully clothed with their cocks sticking out of the zipper of their pants. They were talking dirty calling me a Cum Whore (OK if the shoe fits) and beating off and face fucking me. One guy got a champagne glass and then one after another they shot massive loads in the flute. It was mostly full of creamy, thick white gobs of spudge. I could see and smell the sperm. What a fucking amazing dream cum true. After they all emptied their nuts they took turns pouring the glass full of sticky white goo into my mouth. I very, very, very slowly tasted their sperm and ate every fucking last drop. Taking my finger and cleaning out the glass.

Now I knew they were done. They all zipped up, gave their thanks and walked out the door together. I was on the bed, with a pink, well fucked pussy and a glowing warm, gaping asshole. And most importantly a wonderful taste left in my mouth from multiple loads of spunk from three “regular” guys with 4” cocks.

This event is a perfect example of the major difference between me and the regular fake porn chicks. I am a REAL LIFE Cougar. I am a REAL LIFE MILF. I am a REAL LIFE Swinger. I do porn part time for the fun of it. But I have much more fun meeting and fucking REGULAR people. These guys with the 4” dicks maybe couldn’t be in a LA Porn movie, but then can stick their hard cocks in my ass, pussy and mouth any fucking time they want and I will eat every last drop of thick, creamy cum they can produce!

My FIRST Trip of 2015 is as follows:

New York City- March 20-27

Dreams do come true. If you want to meet me email BookAlexisGolden@Gmail.com

Anal Gang Bang in my Basement

November 18th, 2014

My series of updates now going live on my site is direct from my swinging life. When I first started swinging with Ty I only let the guys we meet fuck me in the ass. So my basement in my house became home to many Anal Gang Bangs.

When I started going all holes open we held a BIG party with guys coming and going. I had my girlfriend Mia with me to watch and eventually she jumped in too.

When you watch these clips from my basement I know you can really tell the difference between swinger sex for fun and a pro porn shoot.

I get it in my ass balls deep, double penetration of course, eat loads of cum and toss a few salads along the way.

I hope you enjoy my photo selection!

If you are properly motivated, take a look. Warning: You may become addicted to REAL Swinger Sex!

Click Here to see more!

Black Cock for Breakfast

October 24th, 2014

Today I started my day off by getting fucked by another black man. This gentleman took his time and gave it to me in all sorts of sexy and sensual positions. Until I called out for him to fuck my ass and then things took a sharp left turn. I love to have my ass fucked and this was no exception. Once he got the head in and worked it really slow until my ass opened up for him to fuck it deep and hard. He drained his nuts in my ass and I watched as it dripped out of me. After he left my husband Ty decided I had not yet had a proper ass fucking and went to work sticking his monster cock head in my ass. OMG I thought my head was going to explode – he shot load number 2 in my ass making me cum filled and hungry for more.

We cleaned up and headed for late lunch and a sunset drive through Red Rock Canyon. So very peaceful I wish it didn’t have to end. At least we found it this time. 2 years ago we had a hard time locating the entrance with our good friends from NYC. Wish you were here sexies!

Looks like the cocks are in the lead …. Porno week tally: 6 cocks and 5 pussies. (not counting Ty)



I met Deauxma several years ago and have been waiting patiently to be able to shoot with her. My long wait (and yours) is over as this flick has 2 scenes of the Legendary Deauxma and me together.

The earlier entries in my Foursome Fucking series had me sharing cocks with Lisa Sparks, Kelly Divine, Janet Mason.

Now I finally get to fuck with Deauxma.

We selected one lucky black guy and one lucky white guy to be treated to our MILF pussy. We called our scene “Cheating Lesbians” as Deauxma and I were playing lovers who decided to go for the cock too. We swap both color dicks back and forth and we each get drilled hard.

One guy gets to spudge his load on Deauxma’s HUGE knockers.

I couldn’t resist eating the heavy, thick load of the black guy. This Foursome is a classic scene and you must see us together.

As a BONUS there is another scene that is of Deauxma and I playing Super Heroes. She is Dynamic Deauxma and I am Green Envy. We are bored Super Heroes because there is no crime and we decide to explore each other.

I have to say I’ve waited a long time to taste Deauxma’s pussy and feel those massive boobs.

The BEST part is when Deauxma puts on her trusty Strap-On Cock and FUCKS me deep. I loved watching her fuck me with those big tits in my face.Well people, you can tell I’m getting off on her and the wait was well worth it!

Awesome first time movie with two real life swinger MILF’s.

If you would like the full download version right now then Click Here. And other titles are Here.

Watch the Vid Trailer. Click Here.


Final Tour Schedule of 2014

September 30th, 2014

Hard to believe that 2014 is just about over. Headed into the home stretch and I’m posting my last tour dates of the year. Come see me! Email for more information on booking.

Dallas – October 13-15
NYC – October 28-30
Raleigh/Richmond – November 4
DC – November 5-6
Edison, NJ – November 7-9
Charlotte/Richmond – November 10
Charleston – November 23-26
Chicago – December 8-9


I was having some drinks with my new friend Lisa Sparxxx in Boston. I’ve always been turned on by Lisa because she loves a good black gang bang just like me! She also does anal and DP so we’re kind of like sisters! We got to talking about our adventures on the road and of course it wasn’t long before we got wet and horny. I know I was dripping wet as we went back to her room and rang up a couple of lucky local black guys from a swingers site to come over and fuck us.

When they arrived it wasn’t long before we had their cocks out and were fucking those lucky dudes silling. This was a real life swinging hotel orgy. No script, no faking. Just four people fucking! FREE TRAILER!

I called this one Foursome Fucking I.


TRUE STORY! Wanna see what can happen if you follow me on Twitter?

I’m a REAL LIFE swinger in addition to shooting porn, so when I see a good cock that I want, well….I just go and take it. So here is a real story of what can happen. One of my site members and I had been chatting on Twitter. As a result of our exchange he got himself a Skype show with me. During the show I got a good look at this cock. It was HUGE! After we got each other off during the Skype show I saw what a great load he shot and how big his cock was and was wishing he was there. Well wouldn’t you know he also happened to be in the same city I was that week!

I said I need to taste his cum and feel his cock so I invited him over to my hotel room. I couldn’t pass this up. He arrived shortly thereafter and it wasn’t long before I was on my knees in front of him sucking his long, fat cock. I also gave him a sexy striptease.

I was just going to suck him off but then decided to fuck him so I had him pound my wet pussy for all he could do.

Finally, I sucked his cock until he shot his creamy load deep in my mouth. I then slowly spit the cum back out to show him what he fed me. I then ate every last drop of his sperm.

Watch the video clip to see what happened. The camera work is not that great and I am loud and have a dirty mouth. I think you’ll get the idea of what went on.

Twitter to Skype to load in my mouth.

Gotta love Social Media.

Who’s next?

Watch my Site Member Bukkake!

Ass Fucking on the Brain!

September 4th, 2014

I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about getting fucked in the ass. Which is really interesting since I never thought I’d ever do it. You see, my husband tried to get me to ass fuck for years and he actually gave up thinking it would never happen. He just plain wrote it off. Then one summer party night we were in the pool and I just shouted out … “want to fuck my ass?” I’ll never forget the look on his face. He didn’t know if I was serious, then when he figured out I was he was like a pinball machine … not sure where to walk first — bouncing back and forth – he finally made it to the house to get some lube.

Wow! It was so fucking amazing. He carefully slide his big cock head in, then I slowly moved – taking it at my own pace. When I was feeling comfortable I started to move more aggressively. Next thing you know he was pounding my ass like a mad man. I’m not sure if the neighbors heard us (if you’ve heard me have sex you know what I mean) but we ass fucked for hours. In the pool and then in the house – till all hours of the morning. And the rest is history, I can’t get enough … I’m an anal whore. Just thinking of it makes my brain hot. So excuse me while I go find my husband and have him fuck my tight little ass.

Anal cream pie anyone?



See FLP, FLPII and FLPIII Trailers HERE!

I was really excited to meet Angie Noir. If you don’t know here then you’re missing someone special. Like me, she’s a REAL life MILF who loves getting fucked. She has a very sexy accent and doesn’t really give a flip about the camera being there. She just loves to fuck! My kind of girl!

If you know your Alexis Golden history you know I have introduced my favorite fuck Richard Mann to my best girlfriends. Many of you have seen Mann Meat when I first shared Richard with my Bestie Janet Mason. That is a classic shoot.

Well I wanted to the same thing for Angie so I flew Richard to where we could get together and fuck. I had no idea of the talent Miss Angie had and was amazed to see what she could do. Without effort, Angie Deep Throated Richard’s Massive Cock down to the balls. You know Richard is no small dude, so this cock sucking is EPIC!

Vegas Magicians have nothing on Angie and ABRA-Fucking-CADABRA she makes Richard’s Mann Meat disappear!

This shoot with Angie and Richard is a classic as well and I suggest you take a nap before watching to have your energy to get through.

Finally, wait until you see the Grand Finale. Angie and I share a HUGE CREAMY HOT Cum Load. Watch Angie spit it in my open mouth as we eat every fucking sticky drop!

You can watch the Full 1 hour and 25 minutes on My Site. Or, if you don’t want to join you can watch here!

You are never quite sure what’s going to happen when you share a room with the naughty Sara Jay. It’s not that I’m shy at all, but you have to be ready for just about anything. Needless to say, it’s very, VERY exciting to be her roommate.

My current updates feature a double feature of what happened when Sara and I shared a room during the Exxxotica Convention in Atlantic City. If you go to these events and wonder what the Porn People do in their off time, you’ll definitely want to check out my site.

Sara invited her hot black friend from Philly to come by and fuck us. Rome Major has a big cock and lots of energy. He’ll need that when he steps into the room with us.

Of course Sara and I get things started before he arrives. I’m sure the room had the fragrance of wet pussy. Rome shows up and he has two horny hot women to satisfy.

Now I can’t go over every detail, but of course Sara and I enjoy each other and Rome’s cock, in every combination imaginable. For the culmination, Rome sprays both our faces with her sticky hot load, which Sara and I share as well. I figure if we’re going to share the room we’ll have to share the cum too. Don’t you agree?

I hope you enjoy these few photos. To see everything, visit my site by Clicking Here.

I think we may have a series here. Why don’t you send me an email and give some suggestions on what other naughty things Sara and I can do when we share a room. Be creative!

Yep, that’s right … you can get my personal cell phone number to sext me and exchange dirty photos. Dream come true, right? Well waste no more time and let’s start sexting now!



This is an EPIC EVENT!

When Janet Mason and I get together the earth shakes and rumbles!

Last time we did this I introduced Janet to Richard Mann and that became the legendary “Mann Meat” title.

Well this time we did it one better. I invited Richard back of course and we added another lucky black guy, Jonathan Jordan.

Feast your eyes on the MILF Royalty before you as Janet and I are on the same bed, taking on both guys. You will NOT want to miss these updates.
Both Janet and I fuck so hard it takes great balance to keep from getting fucked off the bed!

How does the summit end you ask? Well since both Janet and I love to feast on Man Goo, we conclude with Double Cum Swaps with Two Different Camera Angles! There is not chance anything will go to waste so watch Janet and I share every last drop!

Where is this masterpiece? http://www.alexisgolden.com/tour2.html

Get your tissues. Take tomorrow off.




Not this time!

April 18th, 2014

As promised, here is my report on the results of The Fannys.

First, I want to say “Thank You” to all of the people who supported me for Top MILF in the The Fannys. I did not win this time but did have a great time meeting a number of you at the show and the awards.

I don’t have an Army, PR machine, publicity firm or anything like the others who do this full time, but I do have some awesome, regular people who really appreciate what I do. This is not my profession and I do it for fun. I know you can tell the difference.

Thanks again and I’ll keep trying to become the first REAL life MILF to win an adult MILF award. Maybe next year!

My sincere thanks!



PS- Come see my Travel MILF Updates and take your Newsletter Discount on joining AND in The Store!

Here are a few photos of me with The Fannys MILF winner Tanya Tate. She is a really, really sweet girl. I love her to death and can’t wait to get my hands on her again!