An Open Email to my Fans

April 8th, 2014

This is a heartfelt open email to all my Fans,

I want all of you to know just how much I appreciate your support in nominating me for The Fannys MILF award. As you know, I live my life as a real MILF. I’m not a pretend porn chick.

With the number of people receiving this email and the number of people that follow me on Twitter I truly think we can make a run at it. I think it would be so cool to be the first real MILF to win any type of adult industry award.

If you believe the same, then every day today through Saturday the 12th, I need your vote. You can vote once every 24 hours. Please vote as often as you can and help me make history!

The awards are Saturday the 12th and I’ll post on Twitter and send another email with the results. I’m up against the Titans of the professional porn world. But there’s no quit in me so let’s take a shot!

Who’s Your Mommy category – aka MILF of the Year

My sincere thanks!



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Thanks to you I made it past round 1 and am nominated for the Top MILF in The Fanny’s again this year!

Now it’s time we win. I’m up against a Who’s Who List of Women. I’m clearly the underdog, but we can do it together.

If you want ME to win, I need you to VOTE for me and ONLY me every day from now until April 12. You can vote once every 24 hours.

Let’s make this the year a REAL MILF wins the MILF award and not a pretend Fake MILF that is a full time Porn Chick. A REAL MILF people, like ME!

Click here to Vote.

Thank you so much!

Let’s shock the world!




February 25th, 2014

OK last year you helped to get me nominated … let’s take it all the way to a win this year. It’s time a Real-Life MILF got recognized, not a fake pretending to be something they’re not.

I need your vote. 1st round is to get her nominated. You can vote once every 24 hours. Please vote as often as you can.

Who’s Your Mommy category – aka MILF of the Year

Thank for your support!


New Online Store Opened!

February 25th, 2014

Here’s the Press Release from my Store Opening ….


Alexis Golden Launches Redesigned Store – Offering 20% Off

MIAMI, FL – One stop shopping for all things Alexis Golden! Her online store has been selling DVDs, cam shows and personal effects since 2007. Its success has prompted a newly designed store which offers a wider selection of products in a clean, easy navigated design.

Alexis called on her technical background in programming and completed the entire redesign on her own. “I’ve always been a techie and love that I can use my skills in my adult career. Some of my best customers helped me by giving input and testing out the store before it went live,” says Golden.

Whether you are interested in DVDs or instant downloads from Alexis Golden Productions, clothing and shoes from her shoots, autographed photos, private cam shows or perhaps a special request, the store has something for everyone.

“I have been very happy with the initial response,” she says. “I’m offering 20% off your entire order until the end of February to celebrate. Just type NewStore20 in the coupon box.”

2013 Exxxocita Fanny Awards MILF of the Year nominee is gearing up for a big year with the launch of her store being the first of many new things to come. “I have been working on other projects the last few years. I’m jumping back in with both feet now and can’t wait for everyone to see what I have in store”, says Golden.

Visit Alexis’ new store front at

Well it FINALLY Happened!

After years of missed chances I finally was able to get my paws on one of my favorite people, the Incredible Deauxma. I have admired her for many years because we are Kindred Spirits. We are both REAL LIFE Swingers, REAL LIFE MILF’s, REAL LIFE Cougars and part time Porn Chicks.

This is a pic for when I met Deauxma for the first time. We were introduced by my Bestie Janet Mason!

We met in Las Vegas many years ago and didn’t get a chance to get naked. I decided to solve that problem recently and invited myself to visit Deauxma at her home!

Our first time together was an awesome, fun adventure shoot where Deauxma and I dressed up as Super Hero Chicks! Dynamic Deauxma and Green Envy! We call it “Cheating Lesbians.” Seems the Super Hero business is on a down turn and we need to find some way to occupy our time since we’re not out fighting crime.

What better way than to enjoy each other’s sexy bods! I have to say my pussy was soaked as I finally got to taste Deauxma’s tasty twat! It’s no secret her titties are HUGE and I did enjoy handling them the best I could.

Here is a pic of Deauxma and I in our costumes!

The highlight had to be when Deauxma fucked me good with her trusty strap on.

We wrapped sweaty messes and I loved having the taste of Deauxma in my mouth for the evening!

Now, this wasn’t it. The next day we had an all-out Orgy where we both get fucked, so keep your eyes open for that.

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I’d really like to do a BIG ANAL GANG BANG with Deauxma! What do you think? Follow me on Twitter and let me know!



2014 Spring Tour Schedule

January 7th, 2014

Wanna meet me in person? Now’s your chance! Don’t see your city on my list? Let me know where you’re at and I just may come your way! Email for all booking info.

Tour Dates:
NYC – March 2-6 **note date change
Chicago – March 18-20
Atlantic City – April 10-12
Hilton Head – April 21
Savannah – April 22
Daytona – April 23
Boca Raton – April 24
Fort Lauderdale – April 25
Miami – April 26-May 2
Boston – May 15-16
New Orleans – May/June TBD

Happy New Year everyone – let’s make it a good one!

Fill Me Up!

November 14th, 2013

I was recently in San Francisco and I couldn’t leave the city without meeting Richard Mann. If you have seen any of my videos then you know that Richard and I have incredible chemistry. His huge cock fits in me just perfectly. My mouth. My pussy. My ass. He’s left his loads of cum in every one of my holes, many, many times.

This trip we got together and caught up because it’s been a few years since we’ve met. I have to admit my pussy was soaked as I waited for him to arrive. I was alone in SF and Ty was home, so we set up Skype so Richard and Ty could talk too as they are friends as well. One thing led to another and I put the vid cam on a tripod and began to suck Richard’s thick, long black dick as he sat in the desk chair.. Of course Ty was still watching on web cam at home.

I worshiped his huge dick and couldn’t wait until he slid it in my pussy, so we moved to the bed and he started to fuck me slowly mish style. When he realized how wet and hot I was Richard let loose with a balls deep plunge into my soaked cunt. He pounded my married pussy with the full length of his black cock.

It was extra hot knowing that my husband was watching at home jacking off while this was going on.

We turned over and I mounted his dick and rode him cowgirl. Going all the way up and all the way down. We fucked hard, deep and long until we were sweaty messes.
Now Ty likes to see the cum when I fuck guys on cam so when Richard was ready to pop I reluctantly got off his cock and he shot a HUGE, THICK, HOT, CREAMY load of his cum into my mouth (again!) When he was through I moved over to the camera and spit his load out into my hand slowly, then fed it to myself again. I ate every single drop. Take a look:

Richard came over and had two huge gobs on his hand, so not wanting to miss that I ate the spillage off his hand and licked his fingers clean. I’m not going to leave any of that tasty goodness behind.
For the record, I don’t eat cum like this because the camera is there. I eat cum like this regardless of whether it’s a stranger in the back seat of a car, a swinger session or anywhere I get a load. I don’t swallow, I EAT it.

I can’t wait until the next time Richard and I get together. I think it’s going to be in January where I’m getting together a house full of women to fuck and shoot. We need hard cocks there to service us and Richard is the literally The Mann. I’m counting on him filling every one of my holes with loads this big again. And again. And again.

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In any case, this is REAL Sex between two people who love to fuck. Not fake porn shoot bull shit. You know the difference!

WARNING: To watch this Title you will need EXTRA TISSUES!

Sharing is a very nice thing to do. You’ll love watching me share thick, creamy loads with my girlfriends. This is a “who’s who” of sexy ladies who share spudge and devour load after load. The line up includes: Sara Jay, Taylor Wane, Janet Mason, Sinnamon Love, Karen Fisher, Morgan Ray, Jayla Starr, Kelly Divine, Kenzie Marie, Raven Black, Anna Miller, Karen Kougar, Mina Meow, Natalie Minx, Ashlee Chambers, Gabby Quinteros and Sophie Dee.

Loads of Cum are provided by Cocksman such as Shane Diesel, Richard Mann and Lexington Steele. PLUS, many loads are provided by lucky fuckers from Swinger Sites who I hit up to come blow their wads in my mouth!

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See all my updates, LIVE!

Sometimes there are no dicks around. What’s a horny MILF/Cougar to do?

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OK so go grab a box of tissues, some lotion if you are so inclined and watch my new DVD Trailers.

AG31- Superstar Sperm Spitters- Volume 1

AG32- Alexis Likes Girls Too- Part II

More details on both later. Get both on download here.

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I did another of my “Taste Test” anonymous cocksucking events. I invited a black guy over to suck his dick. Then right after he shot his load in my mouth and I ate his cum I had a white guy in to suck his cock and eat his cum. I am the self proclaimed world’s expert on cum taste and continually do this experiment to compare the taste of cum. Sometimes there will be some cum from the first guy in my hair!

Most time when I yank down a guy’s pants I don’t know I’ll find myself a standard size cock in front of me. Occasionally I see a cock so small I am a bit taken aback. Even less often the truly unexpected happens and out jumps a long, thick piece of meat. When that happens I go “Oh, lucky me!” and stuff it in my mouth. Look what I found recently when I was doing my Taste Test.

Most times the huge cock will belong to a black guy so it’s kind of expected. But when I get a big hunk of white meat I go to town on it as well. Check out this huge hunk of white meat:

When you see the photos in the update know that I have never met these guys before and didn’t know what to expect. I used to get my hopes up too high and then am disappointed. My new policy is to expect something small then when I get the big ones it’s like Christmas!

Now, after sucking and fucking these Surprise Super-Size Cocks I await my reward of cum. I have to say if a Big Cock dribbles out a couple drops of cum I’m not very happy. This is why I tell guys that I’m about to meet so SAVE UP! I give strict instructions NOT so jerk off or fuck for at least 24 hours prior to seeing me. I expect, OK I may even DEMAND a heavy load. Creamy white is preferred. And if it’s sticky and I can make long strings of sperm even better.

If you do present me with a heavy load I’ll show you exactly what it looks like dripping from my open mouth into my hand. When my hand is full you will be allowed to watch me eat the cum from my hand nice and slowly. All the while taking pics like these for you to remember what we did. Here are pics from both black and white cocks. I can taste the difference by the way.

Now, I do the same thing with cocks that are not huge too. If I had to choose, I’d select heavy load over a huge dick. But sometimes I change my mind.
The point is, I do LOVE SURPRISES! Especially when a big, meaty dick jumps out and right in front of my face!

The best taste? Well, I have to say that I need to continue to experiment, sucking black and white cocks wherever I go. I’ll let you know if I decide what flavor I like best. Right now it’s a TIE and I love hot, creamy, thick and gooey sperm from ANY type of cock!

Click Here to see the videos of me sucking and fucking Anonymous Cocks!

Come see me! Email for more information on booking.

October 1-17- Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Columbia, Greenville
October 29- Cincinnati
October 30- Columbus
November 20-21- Dallas
November 22-23- San Antonio
November 24-25 Houston
Las Vegas- January 12-19
New York- March 7-14

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I love all kinds of treats. I’m partial to baked goods especially. However, one treat stands above all others. That is the Pussy Popsicle.

If you like pussy and cock like I do, then the Pussy Popsicle is the best of both worlds. Here’s why: The guy can be fucking you or another girl and he pulls his dick out of the pussy and puts it directly in my mouth. There you have it: Pussy Popsicle.

I really like to take a dick from my pussy and then stick the dripping, wet cock into someone else’s mouth.

I will lick and suck a cock fresh out of a pussy like crazy. I get the taste and smell of both cock and cunt.

The Big Bonus is a Pussy Popsicle with Cream Topping. That’s when the guy has shot his load in the pussy and pulls out and puts his dick in my mouth while it’s dripping of cum.

I’ve done Pussy Popsicle with myself and many other bad girls just like me. If you haven’t tried it girls, then give it a whirl. If you are a guy, take your dick out of the girls snatch and stick it in her mouth and say out loud, “Here is your Pussy Popsicle!”

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I want to tell you the full story of my latest update.

I needed major cum when I visited Chicago so I had mu hubby Ty set me up with a guy to suck off. I found this guy on the swinger sites and he obviously was right over to get his dick sucked. He shot his load and it was very, very tasty, but I needed MORE.

I went back to the internet and found some more recruits and I then had Ty call for TWO guys to suck off at once. They arrived and I had them face fuck me for quite some time and grab my hair and stuff their dicks as far down my throat as they could. They were really into it and I was pleased when they both shot off heavy loads. Now that was very good too!

Then with the dried sperm on my face I sucked off Ty and he fed me my fourth load! Not a bad afternoon. This update is a whopping 34:30 HD WMV. Get your tissues ready before you start watching as you’ll lose your load too!

NEXT WEEKS UPDATE: I visit the personal home of Lexington Steele to fuck him! A long 33 minute sex session with his foot long black pole!

Here is the pic of the Chicago BJ’s.

And if you want to see the full video then CLICK HERE to Join. I have a HOT SET OF UPDATES COMING EVERY WEEK THIS SUMMER!!!!

I’m now on NightFlirt and ready to burn up the phone lines. You know I have a super dirty mouth so why try and resist? I’m the master of role play and truly enjoy taking you over the edge. Find out what a cum slut I really am. No faking here – I’m the real deal.

Call AlexisGolden for phone sex on

Many of my fans have asked me exactly what happens during my famous Anonymous Cocksucking meetings.

Well here is a description with a photo and there is a video update live now that shows you exactly what happens.
As you know I prowl the Swinger Sites for cocks of all sizes and colors to suck so that I can compare everything from smell to the taste of the cum. I’ll hit you up and arrange for a meeting if I am intrigued by your dick. It doesn’t have to be large or black. It just has to get my attention somehow. No rhyme or reason. Sometimes I feel like sucking a foot long black cock and other times a 3 inch white cock. Or vice versa. (Not)

I sometimes suck these dicks alone in my hotel room. Sometimes in the back seat of a car. Sometimes in the bathroom of a club. Most times I’ll have my husband go find a guy too. Then bring him up to the hotel room where I’ll get down on my knees and survey my treat. I like to rub it on my face. Smell it. Taste it.

Then I’ll get down to it. Hopefully my guy can last a little bit while I stroke his hard prick. I also like to have my face fucked and get wet when the guy stands up and grabs my head to fuck my mouth.
Eventually I can tell when he’s about to blow. His cock head will swell up in my mouth and throat. I’ll then look into his eyes as he erupts and fills my mouth with his seed.

I’m not content with just swallowing. As my real fans know, I EAT cum. So I’ll then go over to the camera and slowly spit out the creamy load into my hand. Then feed it back to myself so I can taste it again. The lucky guy stands and watches proudly as I play with his sperm until every drop is gone.

Check out this pick of me during my most recent Anonymous Cocksucking Adventure. See me look him in the eyes as he fills my mouth with his heavy load:

If my husband is there I will then suck his dick with the cum of my visiting stud dripping from my face. When he shoots, I have the taste of two mens cum in my mouth. The only thing better than that would be three. And four. And so on. But that’s another story. Cumming soon!

Visit here to see the video.

Can you be next?