It FINALLY Happened!  Deauxma and Alexis!

Well it FINALLY Happened! After years of missed chances I finally was able to get my paws on one of my favorite people, the Incredible Deauxma. I have admired her for many years because we are Kindred Spirits. We are both REAL LIFE Swingers, REAL LIFE MILF’s, REAL LIFE Cougars and part time Porn Chicks. […]

Teacher Appreciation and Bad Boy Punishment

Did you appreciate Teachers during Teacher Appreciation week? Were you a Good Boy? If you didn’t you will be in line for a spanking.  Many of you have told me that your favorite scene of me was my Sexy Teacher Shoot with Naughty America.  I have to agree.  I also did a shoot for Kink […]

Fill Me Up!

I was recently in San Francisco and I couldn’t leave the city without meeting Richard Mann. If you have seen any of my videos then you know that Richard and I have incredible chemistry. His huge cock fits in me just perfectly. My mouth. My pussy. My ass. He’s left his loads of cum in […]

Picky Bitches- Come visit the Fuck House

Ashlee and I were moving into an old house with the intention of using it as our “Fucking Spot.” Our husbands had given us permission to fuck as many men as we wanted at our Fucking Spot and they wouldn’t be disturbed at home watching ESPN or something. So Ashlee and I could fuck as […]

Disappearing Black Cock- Deep Throat

I was really excited to meet Angie Noir. If you don’t know here then you’re missing someone special. Like me, she’s a REAL life MILF who loves getting fucked. She has a very sexy accent and doesn’t really give a flip about the camera being there. She just loves to fuck! My kind of girl! […]

Foursome Fucking 4 with Deauxma

I met Deauxma several years ago and have been waiting patiently to be able to shoot with her. My long wait (and yours) is over as this flick has 2 scenes of the Legendary Deauxma and me together. The earlier entries in my Foursome Fucking series had me sharing cocks with Lisa Sparks, Kelly Divine, […]

My European Gang Bang Tour with Emma Starr

You would think I didn’t have many fantasies left to do. But I have always wanted to go to Europe for a Gang Bang but never had the chance. Thanks to Super Sultry Emma Starr, my fantasy is about to come true! I’ve googled European Gang Bangs Emma Starr and watched probably 50 videos. While […]

I was having some drinks with my new friend Lisa Sparxxx in Boston. I’ve always been turned on by Lisa because she loves a good black gang bang just like me! She also does anal and DP so we’re kind of like sisters! We got to talking about our adventures on the road and of […]

After getting in late from Footnight it was early to bed because we had to get up at 4:45 am to catch the train to San Diego. I hate the alarm. I don’t even have one at home. The drive in rush hour morning traffic was another fun experience. The only traffic on our island […]

Anal Gang Bang in my Basement

My series of updates now going live on my site is direct from my swinging life. When I first started swinging with Ty I only let the guys we meet fuck me in the ass. So my basement in my house became home to many Anal Gang Bangs. When I started going all holes open […]

Coming Friday- Travel MILF Philly

You need to get your tissues ready for my awesome Travel MILF Philly updates. It comes in 2 parts. Here’s the inside scoop. As you know I travel from city to city as a swinger and meet guys from the swinger sites. Click HERE for info. During a visit to Philly I hooked up with […]

Hey everyone, Way back when, I was interviewed by the folks at HotWifeBlog.  Man, I had tons of fun answering all the questions about my naughty adventures over the years. Check it out along with all the other interviews, posts and photos on this great blog. Happy reading! Smooches, Alexis

I used to be a dominatrix, that’s how I met my husband Ty. People who know me, know that I possess the ability to balance pleasure and pain to bring you places you’ve never gone before. Over the years I’ve thought about what it would be like to be the one who is dominated. After […]